May 25th, 2010

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Altruism you can groove to

No, we're not being pretentious. The title isn't ironic either. We are dead serious about it: every song on this album is going to make sure that you will be listening to the most remarkable album on this entire planet. Right, you say. How could this possibly work?

This is our recipe: take two creative individuals. Experienced craftsmanship, thought, humor and love. Intricate rhythms. Rube-Goldberg machines. Mad scientists. Monks who know kung fu. Meaningful lyrics, great acoustic contributions from friends and a secret ingredient. Put it all into a studio in Hamburg, Germany, stir and - powered by your donations - let it simmer for three months.

While you're waiting, we've got appetizers for VIP backers: Tracks will be released in real-time. A daily video log will feature ongoing work in progress, so you'll get a peek behind the scene.

The main course: an open and free album, released on the web. The dessert: a professionally produced audio CD in a beautifully designed casing for generous donors, once we reach the full goal.

Is the music going to be that good?

<a href="">23 Is The New 42 by paniq</a>

We believe we've got the talent to pull it off, but don't take our word for it: check out our showcase on the left and judge for yourself!

And in case you prefer hard data to pounding beats: more than 280,000 plays and over 9000 listeners on do not only prove that paniq has got a devoted fan base. They listen to more than 30 tracks by average. The soundscapes of paniq are a place to return to times and times again.

The Most Open Album On This Entire Planet

We believe that everyone should have the right to share, use and remix the music he loves. Therefore, with your help, we will contribute this album to the public treasure of free cultural works.

The album will be released under a Creative Commons license, which gives you the right to use our music in any kind of production, royalty-free, period.

We will release all source files, recorded tracks, lyrics and samples (read: everything) at and Freesound, so you can do whatever you like with our sounds.

What will the money be used for?

We work on a tight budget. Any money left after production and shipping will be donated to Creative Commons, Electronic Frontier Foundation and Amnesty International.

When will the album be ready?

Fundraising ends July 12th. Because the basic production cost of €4588 has been raised already, production is guaranteed to begin July 31st (Leonard's Birthday) and end November 5th, 2010. If you backed the album with at least €10, you will then receive your very own download link.

Because the full amount of €6675 has been raised, the audio CD will be produced and shipped. If you backed the album with at least €20, you will receive your album on audio CD until December 1st, 2010. We hear it makes a great Christmas present.

Should you decide to pass on the opportunity to back the project, you will have to wait for the official album release in January 2011.

Ah yes, the possibility of failure. It is very small, now that our basic production costs are covered. All that is left is the second and final goal, which unlocks the CD reward. Should we fail to reach the second goal on time, manufacturing and shipping of CDs will be delayed. Failure is not on the menu.

How will the album be made?

In order to produce a truly open album, we will be using the Linux Audio infrastructure. Here is a list of our tools:

OK. This album better be real good, or else!

If this album isn't going to be shiny and perfect, the whole project will have been nothing but a scam. Mine and my wifes reputation depends on it. If we fail, we will never be able to do another fan-funded album again.

When we started the project, we were surprised to find that the only thing we doubted was being able to raise the money. We are sure that we can do (at least!) one track a week.

If you know me (Leonard), I've had steady and constant output for the past ten years. There is usually not much happening in the usual workweek, but when I get a free week, it takes me only three days to get my muse back. A lot of tracks never get finished because I'm running out of time and interest, but when I want to, I can deliver. The soundtrack to Masagin has been written in one weekend, for example. The entire project was on demand. And I don't know any better driver for a creative production than demand.




Pledged of €6675 goal | 106%


Days to go | Day 47

Pledge €1 or more

Your karma will improve. You will feel good about yourself. Your name will appear on Pledgies list of donors.

Pledge €10 or more

You will receive a download link to the final album, to be delivered November 5th (that's two months in advance of the public release).

Pledge €20 or more

A copy of the final album (audio CD, a rich 10 page booklet, color printed), professionally manufactured and autographed. Delivered by mail* until December 1st, includes shipping costs.

* if the full amount of €6675 can't be raised on time, shipping will be delayed

Pledge €40 or more

Access to finished tracks as they happen*. Access to the daily video log.

* at least once a week

Pledge €80 or more expired

You will get a shoutout on Twitter, Facebook, the blog & the video log. Your name will be printed in the "thank you" section of the booklet.

Pledge €160 or more expired

A text or banner link of your choice on this site.

Pledge €320 or more expired

You get to decide the style or topic of a track featured on the album. We will also compose a personalized jingle for your site/project/organization/company.

Pledge €500 or more expired

We will remix two of your (favorite) tracks.

Pledge €1000 or more expired

We will master your next album*.

* maximum running time: 60 minutes